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Pacific Oysters


Smoky Bay Oysters

Our family oyster farming operation was established in Smoky Bay, South Australia in 2003 driven by a proud family history of primary production and a passion to be on the water.

Smoky Bay Oysters grows its sweet, first-class quality Pacific Oysters in the pristine waters of all four nutrient-rich Smoky Bay growing areas and has expanded to include permanent, casual and seasonal employees over the years.

Our skilled Farm Manager - Lynton, ensures our paramount oyster farming operation is anchored by traditional aquaculture techniques, supported by modern longline infrastructure and contemporary technologies such as our SED grading machine to ensure we have consistent, reliable and superior oyster production.

The onshore facility operates out of the Smoky Bay Aquaculture Park. Please feel free to drop in to

9 Anchor Drive and check out our family owned and operated South Australian business and purchase yourself some first class Smoky Bay Oysters today!

Smoky Bay Oyster Owners

Pictured: Bull, Lil, Jocey, Lynton and Elias

Our Oysters




We harvest a range of oysters to order, from bistro to large sizes. Our oysters are freighted to Adelaide in refrigerated transport for distribution or onward transport to other states, making sure your live pacific oysters arrive beautifully fresh.  


We would be pleased to put you in touch with our brokerage partners (contact us) to discuss your wholesale oyster purchase requirements.

At Smoky Bay Oysters we are able to sell our fresh, sweet, succulent oysters direct to the public.  Freshly harvested oysters can be sold unopened by the dozen daily. 


It is recommended that for larger orders to phone ahead to ensure we bring in enough oysters for your same day collection to avoid disappointment.

Contact us today to take home your taste of the ocean!



Delicious sizes

Our quality produce is harvested in accordance with strict industry standards and expectations in these sizes.

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